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Along with Rose Ausländer and Nelly Sachs, Hilde Domin was one of the most important women in German post-war poetry. Forced into exile by the Nazis, she found a home in the power of words. Her poems speak of her resistance and courage to renew what was lost.
For the first time, this volume collects all Hilde Domin’s poems in the chronology of the separate editions, plus poems published in other sources and unpublished work. An editor’s supplement and an afterword by Ruth Klüger complete the new edition.

About Hilde Domin

Hilde Domin, born 1909 in Cologne studied Law, Philosophy and Political Sciences. In 1935 she received a PhD in Florence, Italy. She worked as a teacher in England, a university lecturer in Santo Domingo, as a translator and a photographer. After 22 years in exile she returned to Germany. In 1951 she wrote her first poems, which have been published since 1957. Hilde Domin was awarded numerous literature prizes, her poems have been translated into 22 languages. She died in 2006.

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Hilde Domin
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