Hiltrud Baier

Helle Tage, helle Nächte

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ISBN 978-3-8105-3038-7


Two very different women, a decision that changes everything forever, and the vastness of nature.

Spring. Cherry blossoms in full bloom. It could be so idyllic. But Anna Albinger, who lives in a small town at the foot of the Swabian Alps, becomes gravely ill. Suddenly she’s overcome by the sense that it may be too late for some things. Because she‘s harbouring a big secret. With a heavy heart, she writes a long letter that she wants her niece, Frederike, to take to Lapland. Frederike, recently divorced and looking for a fresh start, is less than enthusiastic. Very reluctantly, she leaves her sick aunt behind, and sets off for the desolate North in search of the addressee of Anna’s letter. But Petter Svakko seems to have disappeared. Alone in the alpine world of Lapland, Frederike realises that you can sometimes be in the wrong place and yet find just what you need.

About Hiltrud Baier

Hiltrud Baier’s German-Swedish family saga derives its authenticity from the fact that the author, a native of Southern Germany, later emigrated to Lapland. What Baier particularly loves about Northern Sweden is its spectacular landscape, and the fact that you can wander for hours without meeting another living soul. She’s not so fond of the sub-zero temperatures and the long periods of darkness in winter. But she has developed a good antidote: a crackling log fire, Samian music, and lots of hot tea.
The author lives with her husband in Jokkmokk in Swedish Lapland, and has two daughters.

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Hiltrud Baier
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Helle Tage, helle Nächte

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