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Testaments of an extraordinary relationship: Hubert Fichte’s letters to Leonore Mau

They met in the early 1960s: Hubert Fichte, the young, ambitious writer who made his homosexuality part of his works, and architecture photographer Leonore Mau, who was fed up with bourgeois family life. What resulted was an extraordinary love and productive artistic partnership. Close to eighty letters are all that have survived, and all show radical directness in the service of an uncompromising will to achieve the pair’s joint artistic aims. But they also reveal the surprising care and deep trust on which this open, intimate partnership was built.

About Hubert Fichte

Hubert Fichte (1935 – 1986) was an actor, shepherd, and apprentice farmer. His most significant works include the novels Das Waisenhaus (1965), Die Palette (1968), Versuch über die Pubertät (1974), and Petersilie (1980), as well as the multi-volume work Geschichte der Empfindlichkeit (published posthumously).

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Hubert Fichte
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