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Macht und Widerstand

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ISBN 978-3-10-403604-5


Ilija Trojanow has written the book of his life:
A dizzying stare into the abyss between power and resistance.

Konstantin is a fighter in the resistance, on the run but never far out of reach of the Bulgarian Secret Police. Metodi is an officer, an opportunist and careerist, a true representative of the state. The two are locked in a struggle for life and memory, a struggle that will last half a century.
Ilija Trojanow unfolds a historical panorama that is staggering in its exemplary truthfulness. He condenses a wealth of individual moments of lived experience – collected since the 1990s in conversations with historical witnesses – into a thrilling tale of fate and of human dignity and depravity. Power and Resistance is a moving effort to preserve memory; a novel whose decisiveness and poetic power have rarely been equalled.

About Ilija Trojanow

Iliya Troyanov was born in Sofia (Bulgaria) in 1965 and fled to Germany with his family in 1971 via Yugoslavia and Italy. Having spent periods of time in Kenya, Paris, Munich, Mumbai and Cape Town, he now lives in Vienna. His novels and travel books have enjoyed critical acclaim and commercial success and won numerous prizes. His most recent books with S. Fischer are his epic novel Power and Resistance, his bestselling non-fiction account My Olympiad, and Fleeing, And Then?, part memoir, part political essay.


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Ilija Trojanow
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Macht und Widerstand


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