Ilija Trojanow

Meine Olympiade

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A fascinating attempt to live out 80 disciplines – written with the sprightliness of a fencer and the punch of a boxer

While watching the 2012 Olympic games, Ilija Trojanow makes an ambitious decision: he will train in all 80 Olympic summer disciplines for individual athletes, with the goal of doing at least half as well as the gold medalist of London. So Trojanow throws discus and javelin, plays badminton, jumps, tackles the wild waters in a kayak, learns wrestling in Iran, boxes in a legendary Brooklyn gym, undergoes judo training in Japan, and runs in the Kenyan highlands. Trojanow’s account of his experiences offers unique and fascinating insights into the worlds of sport. A wise, funny, and self-ironic reflection on limits, aging, and the relationship between mind and body.

About Ilija Trojanow

Ilija Trojanow, born 1965, has lived in Nairobi, Munich, Mumbai, and Cape Town. Today he lives in Vienna. His published works include An den inneren Ufern Indiens (a journey along the Ganges, 2003), Der Weltensammler (a novel, 2006), Der entfesselte Globus (collection of journalistic pieces, 2008), EisTau (a novel, 2011) and the photography volume Wo Orpheus begraben liegt (with photographs by Christian Muhrbeck, 2013) and the epic novel Macht und Widerstand (2015). He has received numerous literary awards, including the Prize of the Leipzig Book Fair in 2006 for Der Weltensammler, as well as the Preis der Literaturhäuser in 2009.

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Ilija Trojanow
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Meine Olympiade


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