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Hilfe? Hilfe!

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ISBN 978-3-596-70188-9


Which help helps?

A beggar in the pedestrian area: to give or not? Helping in this way is always double-edged: You help in the short term and feel good about it. In the long term, you change nothing. In their book, Thomas Gebauer and Ilija Trojanow question the many facets of charity, from the activities of the super rich to state help to local initiatives. Beginning with specific examples from around the world, which are described in original reports from countries such as Sierra Leone, Pakistan or Guatemala, they review the entire system of assistance and show what works and what doesn’t. What is required is a concept of critical assistance that encourages self-help and yet allows fundamental change.

About Thomas Gebauer + Ilija Trojanow

Thomas Gebauer, born in 1955, studied psychology and sociology at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. He then went to work for the aid agency medico international, where he has been managing director since 1996. He was awarded the Goethe Award by the City of Frankfurt in 2014.

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Thomas Gebauer
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Iliya Troyanov was born in Sofia (Bulgaria) in 1965 and fled to Germany with his family in 1971 via Yugoslavia and Italy. Having spent periods of time in Kenya, Paris, Munich, Mumbai and Cape Town, he now lives in Vienna. His novels and travel books have enjoyed critical acclaim and commercial success and won numerous prizes. His most recent books with S. Fischer are his epic novel Power and Resistance, his bestselling non-fiction account My Olympiad, and Fleeing, And Then?, part memoir, part political essay.


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Ilija Trojanow
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Hilfe? Hilfe!
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