Ingo Schulze

Die rechtschaffenen Mörder

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ISBN 978-3-10-390001-9


What turns an upstanding bibliophile into a reactionary . . . or a revolutionary? A disturbing tale about all of us.

Norbert Paulini is a highly respected antiquarian books dealer in Dresden whose shop attracts booklovers searching for treasures and likeminded people. As times change and customers grow rare, he continues to defend his position. But Paulini is suddenly transformed into an irascible dogmatist and accused of taking part in xenophobic riots.

This brilliant piece of sleight of hand turns the story on its head. Is Paulini a reactionary or a revolutionary, a tragic figure or a murderer? Ingo Schulze pulls the rug out from under us in virtuoso fashion. How can a reader and booklover become a right-wing criminal? This is storytelling as its most ingenious and disconcerting.


About Ingo Schulze

Ingo Schulze is one of the most renowned authors of his generation. His debut 33 Moments of Happiness (1995) was enthusiastically received; individual stories were published in the New Yorker. Simple Storys (1998) was a spectacular success and became curricular reading.His Own Account of A Happy Life – have been hugely successful, feature on school syllabuses and have been made into films. He has won numerous German and international awards including the Joseph Breitbach Prize, the Leipzig Book Fair Prize, the Peter Weiss Prize, the Premio Grinzane Cavour and the Bertolt Brecht Prize. His works have been translated into more than 30 languages.



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Ingo Schulze
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Die rechtschaffenen Mörder
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