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ISBN 978-3-10-397394-5


Isabelle Lehn writes about a woman called Isabelle Lehn – a woman in freefall. Does she have to want everything that’s possible? A young woman struggles and fails with her own goals, society’s expectations and having children. What if you don’t want to seize every opportunity? Isabelle Lehn immerses herself deeply in this self-interrogation. Poetic, ironic, funny and wonderfully open, the book describes Isabelle’s life, her friends and the people she works with – until she goes aground, reaches the point of existential pain. And that’s when she understands: Life is good. It doesn’t have to measure up to the way we once imagined it.

About Isabelle Lehn

Isabelle Lehn, born in Bonn in 1979, now lives in Leipzig and leads a successful life, at first glance: a PhD in rhetoric, the author of the award-winning debut novel Tie Two Birds Together, a lecturer and research fellow at the German Institute for Literature in Leipzig. Everything else is a matter of interpretation.

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Isabelle Lehn
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