Carmen Stephan

It's all true

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ISBN 978-3-10-397305-1


The drama set around Orson Welles and a fisherman. A story about a truth that does not tell us what we should see, do or believe.

Brazil, North East, 1941. Four men no longer want to put up with what is wrong. They build a raft and set off to visit the President. They sail two thousand kilometres across the ocean on their jangada. Upright. Barefoot. Without map or compass. They are guided by the stars. They are the fishermen Jerônimo, Mané Preto, Tatá and their leader, Jacaré. They travel for something as simple as it is great: their right. They reach Rio de Janeiro after sixty-one days and they are heroes. The Hollywood director, Orson Welles, whose film Citizen Kane is running in the cinemas, wants to make a movie about their bold odyssey – but during filming, Jacaré goes overboard and disappears into the ocean.

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Carmen Stephan, born in 1974, lives in Geneva. She spent several years living in Rio de Janeiro as an author. Her collection of stories Brasilia Stories was published in 2005. Her debut novel Mal Aria received the Literature Prize of the Jürgen Ponto Foundation 2012 and was awarded the Buddenbrookhaus Debut Prize 2013.

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Carmen Stephan
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It's all true

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