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Auch Mäuse kommen in den Himmel ...

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ISBN 978-3-7373-6325-9
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Even Mice Go To Heaven

Dalli is a little grey mouse who lives a completely normal mouse’s life. That is, until she is eaten by Whitebelly
Dalli goes up to Heaven as a "mouse soul" and has a number of wonderful experiences there. The fox also enters Heaven, and the two become friends. Even though Heaven is a marvellous place, both of them want to return to Earth. Dalli wants to come back as a fox, while Whitebelly wants to come back as a mouse … how will things turn out?
the fox – that’s when the story really gets going.

About Iva Procházková

Iva Procházková was born in what is now the Czech Republic. She has written books for children and young adults for many years, winning the German Youth Literature Award, as well as a nomination for the Hans-Christian-Andersen Medal in 1997.

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Iva Procházková
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Auch Mäuse kommen in den Himmel ...
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