Jan Birck

Zarah und Zottel - Ein Pony auf vier Pfoten

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ISBN 978-3-7373-5349-6
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Zara has recently moved – but her dad didn’t. He loves nature and Zara’s mum says that he has now gone back to the land of the Indians where he came from which is far far away.

Zara thinks it’s silly that the children in the courtyard won’t let her play with them and that her mum either sleeps or works. There is no doubt in her mind: She has to find a friend! Of course, her favourite friend would be a pony. But a real one – and one that fits into the lift. And who would have thought: the man in the shop for everything sells her exactly that: Shaggy!

He is not a pony, but a dog – though neither Zara nor the other children care.

About Jan Birck

Jan Birck was born in Munich in 1963, where he still lives with his wife and his two sons. Since 1992, he has been working as a freelance illustrator for different children’s book publishers. Drawing is his great passion – but unmistakably writing is also one of his many talents.

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Jan Birck
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Zarah und Zottel - Ein Pony auf vier Pfoten

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