Jens Ivo Engels

Die Geschichte der Korruption

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ISBN 978-3-10-002225-7


Even today, corruption is considered an insurmountable problem. In this compelling, example-filled volume, renowned historian Jens Ivo Engels shows how closely the history of political corruption is linked to the rise of the modern nation-state.
In the 19th century, nepotism, favouritism, and purchasing offices – which had been common methods of politics in the Ancien Régime – were branded as corruption. But political networking, advantages, and revolving doors between politics and business did not disappear, and numerous scandals rocked the faith in the new political elite. The Fascist movements promised an end to such a state of affairs – but never brought it about. In his well-argued depiction of the mechanisms of power, Jens Ivo Engels shows us both why corruption in modern democracy is virtually insurmountable and what role corruption plays in politics – including those of today.

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Jens Ivo Engels
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Die Geschichte der Korruption
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