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Jette erst recht!

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ISBN 978-3-7336-0165-2
8 years up


Jette could be just fine but there is one problem: Papa cares too much and there are too many rules.

Jette is not even allowed to take her loveable house rat Mr. Man with her to Papa’s café (the “Living Room”); and interviewing people there is even more out of the question. But Jette is a reporter, and Mr. Man gets so lonely at home! It’s clear: Papa needs a woman he can spend time with so Jette is left in peace. And since Papa has proved with Mama that he shouldn’t choose a woman for himself, Jette and her best friend take the matter into their own hands. They need a list on what to look for! On their search they meet a mysterious woman who wears all kinds of bright colours, they are almost kidnapped and discover the strongest weapon in the world: Stinky cheese.

A funny feel-good story with charmingly oddball characters – and of course Mr. Man, the best (and fattest) house rat in the world.

About Fee Krämer

Fee Krämer, born in Heidelberg in 1984, approached children’s books from many different angles before writing her first book Jette Will Do It!. She thinks that parents and children should all have enough time to themselves. Today, Fee Krämer lives in Berlin – but without a rat, unfortunately.

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Jette erst recht!
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