John Doyle + Heiko Schäfer

Die Welt ist eine Bandscheibe

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FISCHER Taschenbuch
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ISBN 978-3-596-19646-3


For 20 years, John Doyle lived in Germany without truly feeling at home: You can't be a real German, he discovered, without plenty of complaining about your body's aches and pains. John Doyle was just too healthy. Thank heavens that's over! He now has a bad back – or more accurately, a slipped disc, and suddenly it seems that this slipped disc is the world around which everything in his life revolves.

Staying true to himself and to his motto of "laughing trumps lamenting," he makes many new friends as he goes on a darkly funny odyssey through Germany's healthcare system.

About John Doyle + Heiko Schäfer

John Doyle, born in New Jersey in 1963, has been touring Germany with his stage shows for years ( He lives in Cologne with his family.

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John Doyle
Foto: Boris Breuer
Die Welt ist eine Bandscheibe


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