Josef H. Reichholf

Warum wir siegen wollen

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We now know just how much we have in common with the species nearest to us in our evolutionary history. But there are also essential differences. One of these is that we humans have a remarkable urge to win, simply for the sake of winning. No animal would ever think of taking part in a competition for no reason, with no direct advantage in terms of food, reproduction of living space.
Josef H. Reichholf shows the development and consequences of this phenomenon and gives us brand new insights into the way we deal with one another.

About Josef H. Reichholf

Josef H. Reichho lf is an evolutionary biologist, natural historian, and best-selling author. Until 2010, he was head of the Vertebrata Section of the Bavarian State Collection of Zoology, as well as professor of ecology and environment at the Technische Universität München. In 2007, he was awarded the Sigmund-Freud- Prize for Academic Prose; according to Cicero magazine’s 2009 ranking, he is among Germany’s 40 most influential natural scientists. Also available from S. Fischer are his previous works Einhorn, Phönix, Drache. Woher unsere Fabeltiere kommen, Eine kurze Naturgeschichte des letzten Jahrtausends and Warum die Menschen sesshaft wurden.

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Josef H. Reichholf
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