Juan S. Guse

Miami Punk

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ISBN 978-3-10-397393-8


Over night, the Atlantic Ocean has retreated from the coast of Florida, leaving behind a wasteland. Cruise liners are rusting in the sand off Miami, hotels stand empty, the harbour is deserted and even the glamorous advertising industry, once broadcasting ceaselessly, has shut down completely. A city is searching for an anchor in a reeling reality. Inmidst all this, we encounter a struggling working-class family, an overly ambitious indie game programmer, a young sociologist and an e-sports team from Wuppertal. Funny and sad, gloomy and labyrinthine: “Miami Punk” is a novel about the meaning of work, about authority and power and about lonely nights in front of the computer screen.

About Juan S. Guse

Juan S. Guse, born 1989, studied Literature and Sociology. His debut “Lärm und Wälder” was published by S. Fischer in 2015. He has received multiple awards for his work, most recently the “Villa Aurora Fellowship” and the Hannover Literature Prize. He is currently working on his PhD thesis about the sociology of work and organisations.

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Juan S. Guse
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Miami Punk
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