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ISBN 978-3-8414-2108-1


“I hate the forest. I hate it from the bottom of my heart. It pretends to be my home. But it isn’t. It’s my prison.”
For generations, the peaceful tribe of the Leos has been living as prisoners in the forest, violently oppressed by the tribe of the murderous Taurs. When the 17-year-old Leo Robin is pursued by the young Taurus Emilian, she expects to die – but things turn out differently.
A thrilling saga about power and love with unexpected twists and turns unfolds. For within herself, Robin carries a secret and there is only one person who knows about it – her biggest enemy.
A must-read book for the millions of “The Hunger Games” and “Cassia & Ky” fans.

About Julie Heiland

Julie Heiland, born in 1991, studied journalism. Simultaneously, she finished a professional training in acting and rhetoric and has acted in many TV movies. Writing is her passion and with it, she touches her readers.

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Julie Heiland
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