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ISBN 978-3-596-19497-1


When a pair of waterproof trousers becomes a ‘protective weapon’ to present peaceful demonstrators as a threat, a danger area mutates into a ‘security zone’ or state-sanctioned murder becomes ‘targeted killing’ to make it appear justified – then there’s one intent behind it all: veiling the truth! Nowhere are there more empty phrases and misnomers flying about than in politics and public debate. Biermann and Haase analyze the language of politicians, question the terms they use, illuminate twisted words and debunk ideological implications and manipulations. On closer inspection, many of the words and phrases we take for granted are nothing but bare-faced linguistic lies.

About Kai Biermann + Martin Haase

Martin Haase is a blogger, professor of linguistics at the Otto Friedrich University of Bamberg, member of the Chaos Computer Club and of the German Pirate Party.
Kai Biermann is a qualified psychologist. He has been writing for various newspapers and online media since 1997, and since 2007 as an editor and section head for ZEIT ONLINE.

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