Kai Lüftner Illustriert von: Dominik Rupp

Das Kaff der guten Hoffnung – Jetzt erst recht!

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FISCHER Sauerländer
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ISBN 978-3-7373-5066-2
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For fans of wild stories and odd humour! Kalle has already seen 136 orphanages from the inside, as he is not looking for a new home but for his big brother. In orphanage number 137, “Backwater of Good Hope”, Kalle believes he will finally find some trace of him. First of all, though, he finds a sinister count who wants to level all of the small town to put up a giant wellness center. And he finds three children who might become his friends. But first Kalle has to help them save their home. Kai Lüftner does not only sparkle and steam with ideas, he invents the most ludicrous children book figures and sets them upon each other in a turbulent story about friendship and solidarity.

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Kai Lüftner
Foto: Matthias Scheuer
Das Kaff der guten Hoffnung – Jetzt erst recht!

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