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Die Krone der Sterne

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ISBN 978-3-596-03585-4


A dramatic adventure in space, full of action and magic, by best-selling author Kai Meyer

The Galactic Empire of Tiamande is ruled by the all-powerful Divine Empress and her Order of Witches. Girls from distant planets are regularly taken to her as brides – and no one knows what becomes of them. When the young noblewoman Iniza is chosen, she is to be taken to the throne-world of Tiamande on board a space cathedral. Her secret lover Glanis, the disillusioned bounty hunter Kranit, and the tradeswoman Shara Bitterstern do all they can to thwart the Witches’ plan. Amidst the laser gunfire of mighty spaceships, they fight for their future – and against a cosmic threat that casts even the Divine Empress’s star magic into the shade.

About Kai Meyer

Kai Meyer, born in 1969, is one of the most important German fantasy authors. He has published more than sixty novels, which have been translated into thirty languages. His books were adapted as films, radio drama and graphic novel and awarded national and international prizes.

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Die Krone der Sterne

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