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Die Krone der Sterne

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480 Pages, Klappenbroschur
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ISBN 978-3-596-70174-2


The stars shone brighter in those days

At the end of the known universe, on the witch world Empedeum, the Order of the God-Empress is seeking a way to access an ancient path to the stars. In their delusion, the witches call upon their idol, Kamastraka, the black hole. They do not foresee what evil they are summoning. Meanwhile Iniza and Glanis have managed to escape from the order and are living under pirates on the planet Noa with their newborn daughter. But life is anything but safe: Ambushes and assassinations lead to the trail of a conspiracy, which is set to trigger a galactic war. In order to save the child’s life, Iniza, together with her consorts, leads off the fight – even if this means the demise of entire worlds.

About Kai Meyer

Kai Meyer, born in 1969, is one of the most important German fantasy authors. He has published more than sixty novels, which have been translated into thirty languages. His books were adapted as films, radio drama and graphic novel and awarded national and international prizes.

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Kai Meyer
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Die Krone der Sterne
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