Kai Meyer

Die Spur der Bücher

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ISBN 978-3-8414-4005-1


Mercy Amberdale grew up in bookstores and antiquarian bookshops. She knows about the magic of stories and has the talent of bibliomancy. For rich collectors she obtains the most precious titles, stalks England’s secret libraries at night. Then, however, she follows the traces of the books to the scene of a mysterious murder: A bookseller burned to death in the middle of his shop – and not one piece of paper was touched by the flames. Mercy gets caught in a web of magical intrigues and dark family secrets until the search for truth leads her to the origins of bibliomancy itself.

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Kai Meyer, born in 1969, is one of the most important German fantasy authors. He has published more than sixty novels, which have been translated into thirty languages. His books were adapted as films, radio drama and graphic novel and awarded national and international prizes.

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Kai Meyer
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Die Spur der Bücher
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