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Abschied von Mutter Sprache

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The most comprehensive account to date of the role the German language plays in today's world!

What is the state of the German language? Is it increasingly dominated by English idioms? Is it losing importance as a language of world politics and science? What role does it play in Europe and European governance? How important is German to business and economics? What might meaningful language politics look like?
Karl-Heinz Göttert takes a comprehensive inventory of German: Informed by history, engaging with politics, and citing facts and statistics, he answers any and all questions related to German in an increasingly globalized world – and one question in particular: Should Germans be worried?

About Karl-Heinz Göttert

Karl-Heinz Göttert, born in 1943, studied history and German at Cologne University, where he also presented his doctoral dissertation and his habilitation and taught Pre-Modern German Literature until being made professor emeritus. His publications with S. Fischer include Abschied von Mutter Sprache: Deutsch in Zeiten der Globalisierung,Mythos Redemacht and Martin Luther: Das große Lesebuch (editor) as well as Martin Luther: Die 95 Thesen.

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Karl-Heinz Göttert
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Abschied von Mutter Sprache
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