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Mythos Redemacht

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The real connection between Pericles and Obama

The history of rhetoric routinely examines the rules of what makes a good speech – while ignoring actual speeches held by real orators. Karl-Heinz Göttert challenges this paradigm by presenting unexpected pairings of orators and orations: Pericles and former German president Richard von Weizsäcker, for example, or Cicero and Joschka Fischer, or Augustine and Otto von Bismarck. This approach gives his history of rhetoric a completely new perspective – and allows him to show the European tradition as a construct with its own history and the oft-invoked “power of the spoken word” as a myth. A clear, concise and pragmatic presentation and a marvelously entertaining and knowledgeable volume.

About Karl-Heinz Göttert

Karl-Heinz Göttert, born in 1943, studied history and German at Cologne University, where he also presented his doctoral dissertation and his habilitation and taught Pre-Modern German Literature until being made professor emeritus. His publications with S. Fischer include Abschied von Mutter Sprache: Deutsch in Zeiten der Globalisierung,Mythos Redemacht and Martin Luther: Das große Lesebuch (editor) as well as Martin Luther: Die 95 Thesen.

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Karl-Heinz Göttert
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Mythos Redemacht
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