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Hier sind Löwen

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ISBN 978-3-10-397381-5


An old Armenian family bible is the only thing sister and brother Anahid and Hrant manage to rescue when they are forced to flee from their hometown on the coast of the Black Sea. One hundred years later, in Yerevan, someone entrusts a bible to Helen, an art restorer. ‘Hrant doesn’t want to wake up,’ reads a note in the margins of one page. Helen immerses herself in the mysteries of the old book and modern Armenian life and falls in love. Shaken by what she learns about the country’s past and present, she sets off on a trip to the Black Sea coast and the land beyond Mount Ararat.

About Katerina Poladjan

Katerina Poladjan was born in Moscow, grew up in Rome and Vienna and now lives in Germany. A playwright and essayist, her prose debut One Night, Elsewhere was followed by Maybe Marseille, and she also co-wrote the literary travelogue Beyond Siberia with Henning Fritsch. She has been nominated for both the Alfred Döblin Prize and the European Prize for Literature and participated in the 2015 Festival of German-Language Literature in Klagenfurt. For Hier sind Löwen she received grants from the German Literature Fund, the Berlin Senate and the Tarabya Cultural Academy in Istanbul.

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Katerina Poladjan
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Hier sind Löwen

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