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ISBN 978-3-10-030065-2


In the midst of life, Israeli architect Skip Landau makes a discovery he cannot share with anyone: an inner voice is calling him to places where a catastrophe is about to take place – a train derailment in Paris, a plane crash in Amsterdam. Apparently he is meant to ferry individual victims across into death. This new role, thrust upon him so suddenly, threatens his marriage and almost breaks apart his family in Tel Aviv. Only late does he understand that he must not only lead the dying to death, but also the living to life – his sons and himself included.

About Katharina Hacker

Katharina Hacker, born 1967 in Frankfurt, studied philosophy, history, and Jewish studies at the University of Freiburg starting 1986; in 1990, she transferred to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Since 1996, she has been living in Berlin as a writer. Her 1997 debut Tel Aviv: Eine Stadterzählung was followed by the story collection Morpheus oder Der Schnabelschuh and the novels Der Bademeister and Eine Art Liebe. Her novel Die Habenichtse won her the German Book Prize in 2006. The poetry volume Überlandleitung followed, then the novels Alix, Anton und die anderen and Die Erdbeeren von Antons Mutter; her most recent work is Eine Dorfgeschichte.

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Katharina Hacker
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