Kathrin Schrocke

Mein Leben und andere Katastrophen

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ISBN 978-3-7373-5211-6
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My two dads, my plastic baby and me.
You’ll kiss 100.000 times in your life... and our protagonist has exactly 100.000 kisses to go! Bernadette, aged 13, nick-named Barnie, is quite a normal teenager. She wants to become a writer, collects erasers and her hearts aches just a teensy tiny bit when she’s thinking about Sergej from her class. What makes her unusual – at least in some people’s opinion, is that she has two fathers: Papa and Dad.
When her school launches the “baby project”, things are heating up a bit in Barnie’s life. Two students are supposed to take care of a doll which, just like a real baby, needs to be taken care of 24/7. During nights, and lessons too. When Sergej asks Barnie to become the father of her baby doll, Barnie thinks that all her dreams have come true. But Sergej turns out to be more of a nightmare-macho than anything else…

About Kathrin Schrocke

Kathrin Schrocke studied German and psychology. She lives in Augsburg and is the author of numerous stories and plays, as well as novels for children and young adults.

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Kathrin Schrocke
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Mein Leben und andere Katastrophen

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