Katrin Bauerfeind

Alles kann, Liebe muss

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224 Pages, Klappenbroschur
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ISBN 978-3-10-397340-2


About the unbelievably funny sides of the most exciting feeling since the existence of mankind!

The heart is a minefield. Unknown territory, dangerous terrain. But it can’t be helped. We have to risk love. In all forms. In all phases. In her new book, Kathrin Bauerfeind rummages through all the facets that go with this feeling. She selects small emotional treasures from daily life, questions where love comes from, where it’s going, when it’s lost, where one can find it, lose it and find it again, and what it’s actually all about. It is a plea for more love. An appeal to oppose the raging hate, Viagra for the heart, a humorous antidote to the gloomy situation out there. This book contains stories for all this, self-experienced and self-made up. Funny, melancholic, loving. Stories after which you’ll hopefully close the book and say: Love, definitely! Hand it over! Let’s go!

About Katrin Bauerfeind

Katrin Bauerfeindmoderated Germany's first Internet TV Show Ehrensenf, which was awarded several Grimme Online Awards. She filmed travel reports for ZDF and 3sat, including one about the 2008 European Soccer Cup. Today, she is still a weapon of mass moderation for anything even remotely connected with culture, from the Berlinale to Kulturzeit. ... Her novel entitled Mir fehlt ein Tag zwischen Sonntag und Montag became a bestseller in 2014.

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Katrin Bauerfeind
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Alles kann, Liebe muss
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