Klaus-Peter Wolf


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528 Pages, Klappenbroschur
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FISCHER Taschenbuch
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ISBN 978-3-596-29928-7


Ann Kathrin Klaasen faces a difficult question: Perpetrator or victim? Number 14 of Wolf’s East Frisian crime series. On a bike trip on Langeoog, Cosmo Schnell suddenly passes out, and dies shortly afterwards in his mother’s arms. Sabine Schnell is convinced that her son’s best friend is responsible. They were both YouTube stars and were always together. She abducts her son’s friend, and an extensive search begins. Every corner of the island is scoured. Then a corpse is found – that of a woman -  and Ann Kathrin Klaasen is confronted with the question: Are the police actually looking for a young offender or a desperate young man?

About Klaus-Peter Wolf

Klaus-Peter Wolf is one of the most successful crime fiction writers in Germany. His Ann Kathrin Klaasen novels are mega-bestsellers, regularly occupying first place on the Spiegel Online Bestseller List. The freelance author and scriptwriter lives in the East Frisian town of Norden, in the same neighbourhood as his fictional DI, Ann Kathrin Klaasen. 


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Klaus-Peter Wolf
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