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ISBN 978-3-596-19727-9


Is this killer cleverer than the police?

When Ubbo Heide, former head of the Aurich police, receives a large package one morning, it is only the beginning. The package contains the severed head of a man Ubbo Heide knows only too well, a man Ubbo Heide has tried to bring to justice for years. Always he has had to let him go, but now someone else has delivered him to justice, and his head to Ubbo Heide. Then, a second head is discovered – another criminal who could never be tried. Is someone trying to step in where the police have failed?

About Klaus-Peter Wolf

Klaus-Peter Wolf is one of the most successful crime fiction writers in Germany. His Ann Kathrin Klaasen novels are mega-bestsellers, regularly occupying first place on the Spiegel Online Bestseller List. The freelance author and scriptwriter lives in the East Frisian town of Norden, in the same neighbourhood as his fictional DI, Ann Kathrin Klaasen. 


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Klaus-Peter Wolf
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