Klaus Böldl

Der Atem der Vögel

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ISBN 978-3-10-397270-2


For two years now, Philipp has been living on the Faroe Islands north of Scotland. He is a loner, spending his days on long walks through the rough countryside. He and his partner Johanna are growing further and further apart, though he has found a comfortable silence with her daughter Rannvá. When Johanna and Rannvá travel off the islands together, Philipp embarks on a long walk over the islands, coming ever closer to nature. Will only escape help him find himself? Is his true home the act of disappearance?

About Klaus Böldl

Klaus Böldl, born in Passau in 1964, teaches medieval Scandinavian literature at the University of Kiel. His works include Studie in Kristallbildung, Südlich von Abisko, Die fernen Inseln, Drei Flüsse, and Der nächtliche Lehrer. His literary work has won him the Tukan Prize, the Brüder Grimm Prize, the Hermann Hesse Literature Award, and the Friedrich Hebbel Prize.

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Klaus Böldl
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Der Atem der Vögel
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