Klaus Böldl

Der nächtliche Lehrer

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ISBN 978-3-10-400741-0


Lennart takes a job as a teacher in a small town in the far north of Sweden. He marries the librarian Elisabeth, who is killed in an accident shortly afterwards. Lennart becomes a complete loner, spending his days on a prehistoric burial mound and at some point giving up his job. Only occasionally does he return to the schoolhouse – by night, pacing its halls like a gentle ghost seeking his lost life.
Klaus Böldl writes with a firm hand about desire, memory and the passing of time – full of laconic humour and high tension. His prose tears the veil of reality in two, to reveal the hidden secret of life itself.

About Klaus Böldl

Klaus Böldl, born in Passau in 1964, teaches medieval Scandinavian literature at the University of Kiel. His works include Studie in Kristallbildung, Südlich von Abisko, Die fernen Inseln, Drei Flüsse, and Der nächtliche Lehrer. His literary work has won him the Tukan Prize, the Brüder Grimm Prize, the Hermann Hesse Literature Award, and the Friedrich Hebbel Prize.

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Klaus Böldl
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Der nächtliche Lehrer
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