Klaus Brinkbäumer

Der Traum vom Leben

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ISBN 978-3-596-17086-9


How desperate must people be to leave their homes, their families, their children? To set out on an odyssey with an uncertain outcome? And once they actually reach cold, inhospitable Europe, to have to hide as “illegal immigrants” or be exploited in forced prostitution?Klaus Brinkbäumer travelled through seven African states along the central refugee routes. He tells the story of his companion John Ampan from Ghana, who took five years to reach Europe because he was deported, abandoned in the desert and thrown into prison; he tells of Jane Aimufua from Benin City, who left behind her three children to earn their keep in Europe; and he tells of all the people he met on the way, on the trucks, in the Sahara and in the mountains, in the basements of Agadez, in the alleys of Tangiers.“The Dream of Life” is a major book about Africa, about people’s dreams, a book about Europe and the reality of our politics.

About Klaus Brinkbäumer

Klaus Brinkbäumer, born in 1967, is a journalist, TV presenter, and author. For 25 years, he worked for Spiegel – as a reporter, author of numerous cover stories, and as America correspondent, before serving as deputy editor-in-chief and then editor-in-chief. He has won many prizes, including the Egon Erwin Kirsch Prize, the Nannen Preis and the Deutscher Reporterpreis, and was named editor-in-chief of the year in 2016. S. Fischer Verlag recently published his extensive book on America, Nachruf auf Amerika. Das Ende einer Freundschaft und die Zukunft des Westens (2018). Since April 2019, he has been writing for the weekly newspaper Die Zeit.

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Klaus Brinkbäumer

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Der Traum vom Leben
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