Juan S. Guse

Lärm und Wälder

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ISBN 978-3-10-002434-3


Gated communities, survivalists, evangelical
preachers: an unsettling novel about the future
in which we are already living.
Increased security for the gated community of
Nordelta: mounted patrols in the streets, security
guards with lethal weapons. Pelusa has
been living with her family in Nordelta, north
of Buenos Aires, for ten years now, and after
her time in the Andes, she has been enjoying
that safe life among friendly neighbours. But
when violent unrest threatens to reach Nordelta’s
gates, fear infects the residents: while
Pelusa’s husband Hector dreams of building an underground bunker, her son Henny has already designed a moon base in which he hopes to save humanity. In his debut novel, Juan S. Guse describes a society constantly on red alert. Guse weaves a story of empty, hysterical spaces in which his characters’ plans for their life threaten to come asunder.

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Juan S. Guse
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Lärm und Wälder

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