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ISBN 978-3-596-70317-3


Whether alternative methods of healing or conventional medicine – all that counts for Sven Gottschling is whether it actually helps the patient.

Sven Gottschling presents a new generation of doctors: open towards the patient, they pursue whatever form of therapy that actually helps. For the benefit of their patients, they cross the stiff boundaries of conventional medicine and apply alternative healing methods.

But which of these really help? Which are just humbuggery? Out to make money? Gottschling, a widely renowned pain therapist, has tested this in practice: acupuncture and hypnosis, Bach remedies and bioresonance therapy and the much discussed use of Cannabis – Gottschling is one of Europe’s leading experts in this particular field – he puts these healing methods to the test.

About Sven Gottschling + Lars Amend

Sven Gottschling, born in 1971, is the senior consultant in the Zentrum für Palliatimedizin und Kinderschmerztherapie at the teaching hospital of Saarland University. From many years of experience of dealing with seriously ill patients, he knows the importance of conversations about death, but also how difficult it can be to initiate them early on.

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Sven Gottschling
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Lars Amend met Sven Gottschling during a television show covering his SPIEGEL bestseller “This Crazy Heart – The Courage To Dream“ und was immediately impressed by the young doctor. The author, motivator and life coach – “Magic Monday – 52 reasons to get up in the mornings” who already worked on a book with Sven Gottschling before, lives in Berlin.

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