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Lieselotte ist krank

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ISBN 978-3-7373-6715-8
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Sometimes cows have a sore throat, too. Already in the morning during milking, Lieselotte feels weak and tired. Her four legs feel very shaky, she doesn’t want to eat, and she would like to just curl up in the straw. It’s clear to the farmer: Lieselotte has caught a cold! It’s time for cold compresses, herbal tea and a fever thermometer – everything that helps healing. When Lieselotte soon feels a bit better and her friends do their best to take great care of her, she thinks: “Being ill isn’t that bad at all...”

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Alexander Steffensmeier was born in the region of East Westphalia in 1977. He studied illustration at the design department of the Muenster School of Arts and began working as a freelance illustrator during his studies. He has his own blog:

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Alexander Steffensmeier
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Lieselotte ist krank


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