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Linus Lindbergh und der Riss in der Zeit

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ISBN 978-3-7373-6280-1
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Linus Lindbergh and the Rift in Time

When Linus’ grandad invents something, they might end up in space or on TV. When his mum invents something, it unleashes a tornado by the name of Edgar and gobbles up their homework. But when Linus invents something, nothing usually happens. So he has just one wish: to become an inventor like his dad. But since unveiling his latest invention, Linus’ father appears to have vanished from the face of the earth. What could he have been working on to make two nasty evildoers come looking for him? Who’s behind his disappearance? And above all: how can Linus help his dad?

Our top title for readers aged 10+! > The start of an exciting new trilogy by Tobias Elsäßer > An exciting adventure story about the son of a family of inventors who’s searching for his missing father > The latest work by an award-winning Sauerländer author.

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Linus Lindbergh und der Riss in der Zeit



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