Lorenz Pauli

Wie weihnachtelt man?

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ISBN 978-3-7373-6105-7
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How to Do Christmas?

"Owl," the little hare asks, "owl, how do you do Christmas?" "Christman is, when everyone gives me a present," the owl replies. The little hare spreads these news in the forest and soon all the animals make little presents for the owl. But things never turn out as expected: When the little hare gives his present to the squirrel to comfort it, he sets off a chain reaction and each animal gets a present in the end.

A story about giving each other presents - full of humour and heart.

About Lorenz Pauli

Lorenz Pauli trained in business and kindergarten teaching. Alongside these careers he now works as an inventor of stories and reader for radio and publishing houses. For Sauerländer he has written »How To Do Christmas« (»Wie weihnachtelt man?«).

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Wie weihnachtelt man?

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