M.G. Burgheim

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256 Pages,
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FISCHER Taschenbuch
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ISBN 978-3-596-19672-2


When Alfie drops out of college and moves back in with his parents in Berlin, he has to do his bit and – whether he wants to or not – get into the family business. That means committing burglaries together with his brothers Jupp and Robbser and his father Karlheinz – not at all his cup of tea. And indeed, his first attempt at a burglary on his own is a complete disaster; but at least he meets Julia and falls in love with her. But then his Old Man Karlheinz goes missing and the parents' apartment is ransacked. Has he been kidnapped? Is this revenge for the fact that Alfie's crazy brother was blackmailing that politician? Alfie's mother and brothers, meanwhile, are not all that certain that they really want the Old Man back. But when the brothers do go out to find Pops, they find more than they bargained for …

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Besitz wird überbewertet
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