Malcolm McNeill

Der Wald der träumenden Geschichten

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ISBN 978-3-596-85670-1
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Set in a world that greatly resembles our own, this is the story of a little boy called Max. He lives with Alice and Forbes, his adoptive parents. Not even they can tell
him where he came from and who he is. One day a few years ago, he has just appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Two eerie strangers tell Max that his appearance seems to be connected to the evergrowing number of disappearing people – people vanishing from one moment to the next, without a trace.
Might Max be even responsible for the disappearance of his biological parents? The explanation for both mysteries lies
deeply hidden in the “Beginning Woods”, a world that is connected to ours, like two sides of a coin are connected. There Max encounters magical beings, sinister secrets – and there he has to pass the most dreadful of all tests of courage. He has to walk through the dragon’s fire…
A dark, fairy-tale fantasy adventure with philosophical profundity.
Originally written in English!
World rights available.

About Malcolm McNeill

Malcolm McNeill, born in Newcastle, England in 1976, grew up in Glasgow and Edinburgh. After his studies in literature and acting, he delivered mail in London, cleaned toilets in Berlin and worked as an English teacher all over the world, most recently in Vietnam. “The Beginning Woods” is his international debut.

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Der Wald der träumenden Geschichten

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