Manuela Reichart

Zehn Minuten und ein ganzes Leben

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ISBN 978-3-10-063604-1


On her deathbed, a woman’s life flashes before her eyes in seventy short scenes. Her rival who steals her first love at kindergarten. Her beloved pet dog, which her parents have put down in secret because it was only a dog after all. Or her sister, with whom she shares the beginning and to whom she now – after years of distance – feels deeply devoted. But above all she remembers the men she has met in the course of her life. Dream men in red velvet suits. Bad dancers. The man she wanted to grow old with. What is left for her from this procession of lost lovers? What can she rely on? Perhaps on her own children, long since grown up? Only one thing is clear at the end: there has been far too little dancing over all the years.

About Manuela Reichart

Manuela Reichart lives in Berlin and works as a radio author and presenter, filmmaker and editor (including the anthology Doch uns schlug kein Gewissen, 2011).

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Zehn Minuten und ein ganzes Leben
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