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ISBN 978-3-10-002260-8


Violence, sexuality and love in the Second World War – an aspect of Germany’s occupation of Poland that has long been taboo

Officially, German soldiers during the Second World War were barred from fraternizing with Polish women, who were considered “racially inferior”. Nonetheless there were numerous sexual encounters. Some were consensual, some characterized by the most brutal violence. In many cases, women sold their bodies to survive. Maren Röger discusses these encounters as well as measures taken by the Wehrmacht and the SS: while bordellos were supported and indeed organized by orders from the top of the chain of command, love was for- bidden and in some cases punished severely. Maren Röger gives insight into everyday life in an occupied country, the racial politics of the National Socialist forces and the fates of the women.

“The occupiers’ power was also power over the bodies of the occupied, control over their sexual self-government.”
Maren Röger

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