Marion Brasch

Lieber woanders

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ISBN 978-3-10-397413-3


A moving story about guilt and coincidences, told like a light breeze.
Toni and Alex do not know each other. And yet, there is a fateful link between them. Toni struggles to cope with the loss of her little brother, for whose death she feels responsible. Alex is leading a double life and is burdened by feelings of guilt for something he has never talked about. For 24 hours, the trajectories of these two move towards each other until, despite some bizarre encounters and odd incidents, their paths eventually cross.
Marion Brasch tells a tale of life and survival. Her language is concise, rebellious and yet warm, skilfully depicting those moments that decide whether Lady Fortune will smile or frown.

About Marion Brasch

Marion Brasch was born in 1961 in Berlin. After finishing high school, she became a typesetter and worked in a printers’ shop, then with a number of publishing houses and with the Composers’ Association of the GDR, and later for radio broadcasters. Her novels “Ab jetzt ist Ruhe“ and “Wunderlich fährt nach Norden“ have been published by S. Fischer.

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Marion Brasch
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Lieber woanders


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