Marion Meister

Julie Jewels - Perlenschein und Wahrheitszauber

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ISBN 978-3-7373-4090-8
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A mysterious birthday present turns Julie’s world upside down: Thanks to a wooden box full of  gemstones her heretofore unknown magical talents come to life – her self-made jewellery makes wishes come true! Suddenly she can be the brightest star at school, learn the truth and nothing but the truth from her best friend, or win over the boy of her dreams … her possibilities are endless. But soon, Julie stumbles from mishap to catastrophe and realises that some wishes can have dire consequences …

About Marion Meister

Marion Meister has always been convinced that magic does exist. As a teenager, she made her own jewellery and was wondering what magical powers the trinkets could possibly hold. And so she had earrings to wear for especially crazy endeavours and a turquoise pendant for the upcoming exam in Latin ... unfortunately, her talents weren’t strong enough for real magic. In her stories, all the wishes come true, however!

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Marion Meister
Julie Jewels - Perlenschein und Wahrheitszauber

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