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ISBN 978-3-10-397385-3


“As a woman, she was a territory. The territory of a female nation that had to be occupied. And Gustav had occupied her. Dominated. Ruled.“

It is March in Stockholm. It’s been a hard winter, it is still 15 below zero, and ice crunches underneath Adele’s feet. As she returns from doing the shopping, she sees from afar how her lover leaves the building. She follows him. The closer she gets to him, the more he becomes invisible. Why do why keep following the same images? What can we actually rely upon? And why does love have to become hell? In a world where the waiting loop turns out to be the truth, Adele is negotiating a fine line between liberation and loss of self: “She had to resist being driven out of herself. She had think slowly and carefully.“ In Marlene Streeruwitz’s dizzying novel, a treacherous love story is the vehicle for the crisis of our present time.

About Marlene Streeruwitz

Marlene Streeruwitz, born in Baden near Vienna, studied Slavic Languages and Literature and History of Art and then began a career as author and director for the stage and for radio. She has received numerous awards for her novels, most recently the Bremen Literature Prize and the Franz Nabl Prize. Her novel “Die Schmerzmacherin.“ was shortlisted for the 2011 German Book Prize. Her latest publications include the novel “Yseut.“ and lectures on “Das Wundersame in der Unwirtlichkeit“.

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Marlene Streeruwitz
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