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Her father called her Yseut. Like a motto written over her chosen path, she’s always followed love, like her namesake Iseult. Shall she now once again live up to her name and risk a new love, or stay safely on her own? Revisiting the Po Delta in northern Italy, Yseut will try to find an answer to this question. But her journey isn’t one of carefree happiness as in earlier years, and Yseut is soon drawn into a deadly fight over power and order: an elderly aristocrat turns out to be a resistance fighter, a former CIA agent jeopardizes her safety, and a charming member of the Mafia tries to seduce her. When Yseut is threatened by a group of henchmen from the militant separatist movement, she’s had enough – and draws her pistol. In the middle of all these unforeseen adventures, Yseut remembers the life and the journeys that have led her here. This journey will end well, too, but with a victory that defies all her expectations.
In her characteristic sober prose and with astute observations, Marlene Streeruwitz documents her protagonist’s inner and outer journey, giving us a highly topical novel about the brutalization of our times.

About Marlene Streeruwitz

Marlene Streeruwitz, born in Baden near Vienna, studied Slavic Languages and art history and began as a director and author of theatre and radio plays. She has received numerous awards for her novels, most recently the Literary Prize of Bremen and the Franz Nabl Prize. Her novel Die Schmerzmacherin. was on the shortlist for the German Book Prize in 2011. Recent novels include Nachkommen. and Yseut., and under the alias Nelia Fehn Die Reise einer jungen Anarchistin in Griechenland.

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Marlene Streeruwitz
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