Marlies Bardeli

Timur und die Erfindungen aus lauter Liebe

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ISBN 978-3-7373-6294-8
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Timur and the Inventions for Love

Mr. Kubin invented the broom. And the clothes-line. And the umbrella as well. Not very many people know this. Yet it is true. Beautiful Agatha doesn’t know it either, which is a great pity, indeed: After all, it was only for the love of her, that Mr. Kubin made all these inventions. But since he is not only very much in love with her, but also rather shy, he doesn’t dare to speak to beautiful Agatha. That is the story Timur is told by his mother. And so far he’s been all ears. But then his patience snaps. He decides to take the bashful inventor in hand and help him win his love.

„I suppose I’ve got to get back home now“, Timur said. „I promised Mum I wouldn’t be late.“ „But how can you do that?“ Mr. Kubin asked. „How can you travel from my time to yours?“ „Oh, that’s easy“, Timur answered. „It’s all in the mind.“

Nominated for the German Youth Literature Award 2010

Category Children's Fiction

About Marlies Bardeli

Marlies Bardell studied music and German in Hanover, and later trained as a drama teacher. She has written stories and stageplays for children as well as screenplays for television.

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Marlies Bardeli
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Timur und die Erfindungen aus lauter Liebe

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