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Ella Vampirella sucht Opa Rudi

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ISBN 978-3-10-401750-1
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If there is one person who can tell stories in a smart and fascinating way this must be Marliese Arold. With Ella Vampirella she has created a heroine with whom young female readers can perfectly identify with. Although Ella Vampirella is a vampire girl she does have a lot of human characteristics. This time Ella Vampirella visits the Lake Lucerne together with her new vampire friend Konrad and immediately she is set the task to find Konrad’s grandpa. For grandpa Rudi has disappeared and has thrown the whole family into a total turmoil. Finally Ella Vampirella finds him at an old people’s home where he creates quite a stir amongst the residents. And to top it all he has forgotten that he is a vampire and does not at all want to return to the vault …

About Marliese Arold

Marliese Arold was born 1958 in Erlenbach on the Main. She studied librarianship in Stuttgart
and has been working as a writer since 1983. She lives with her family in Erlenbach.

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Marliese Arold
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Ella Vampirella sucht Opa Rudi
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