Martin Dornes

Die frühe Kindheit

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ISBN 978-3-10-491001-7


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About Martin Dornes

Dr. Martin Domes, born in 1950, is a sociologist, developmental psychologist and group analyst. Following many years of clinical research in psychiatry, psychosomatics, sexual medicine and medical psychology and lecturing in psychoanalytical psychology, he is now a member of the executive committee of the Institute of Social Research in Frankfurt am Main.
Other Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag books by the author: Der kompetente Säugling (15th edition in 2011); Die frühe Kindheit; Die emotionale Welt des Kindes (6th edition in 2014); Die Seele des Kindes and Die Modernisierung der Seele: Kind - Familie - Gesellschaft (2012).

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Martin Dornes
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Die frühe Kindheit
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