Martin Dornes

Die Seele des Kindes

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ISBN 978-3-596-17051-7


How does an infant’s personality development proceed? In what way do working mothers or a father’s increased engagement affect education? And from what time onwards do children know that their parents are “animated beings”? Martin Dornes, an expert in child psychology and author of the bestseller “The competent Infant” is giving quite surprising answers to practical as well as theoretical questions of this kind.

About Martin Dornes

Dr. Martin Domes, born in 1950, is a sociologist, developmental psychologist and group analyst. Following many years of clinical research in psychiatry, psychosomatics, sexual medicine and medical psychology and lecturing in psychoanalytical psychology, he is now a member of the executive committee of the Institute of Social Research in Frankfurt am Main.
Other Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag books by the author: Der kompetente Säugling (15th edition in 2011); Die frühe Kindheit; Die emotionale Welt des Kindes (6th edition in 2014); Die Seele des Kindes and Die Modernisierung der Seele: Kind - Familie - Gesellschaft (2012).

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Martin Dornes
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Die Seele des Kindes
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